Why You Need to Blog

Need some wordsmithing for your website? Copy that. I mean...edit that.

All right, I admit it. For a long time, I saw no value in blogging. From my perspective, it was a fruitless endeavor that had no place in the business world. It was even more difficult to convince myself of the need to blog on a regular basis. Why write a blog when I could either be writing for a client or searching for a new one?

Sure, I knew that if you want to show up on the first page of the major search engines you’ve got to blog regularly—but I didn’t care about being found on search engines.

Until it started reaping dividends.

Because after a few months of writing one blog entry a month, my sweet little website started showing up on the front page of Google. Exciting as it is to have my site show up early and often, the real impact I wanted is only just beginning to be felt. That’s right. After a few months of blogging, my site is finally bringing in new clients who need some copywriting and editing.

One of these clients is Billy McCoy, owner of B & C McCoy General Contractors / B & C McCoy Home Renovation Solutions. While stoked about his company’s new websites, which were built by Bobby Ryan Marketing, the copy needed to be cleaned up and modified to reflect the same quality B & C provides clients every day.

So Billy and his wife, Connie, hopped online and did a search for freelance copywriters and editors. Guess who popped up? If you’ve been paying attention, you should be able to guess it was yours truly.

Billy shot me an e-mail, explaining his needs, and I gave him a call to talk the project over. I then started doing what I do, editing the copy on the B & C McCoy Home Renovation Solutions site and writing new copy for B & C McCoy General Contractors. When all was said and done, B & C McCoy’s websites could finally tell the business’s story accurately and concisely.

And to think—it all came about because of this little blog. If you’re still not a believer in the power of blogging, give it a try for a few months. Plan to put in at least six months worth of work, as it typically takes at least that long for the search engines to begin showing your site some love.

Even if you only get one new customer, that’s more money in your pocket that didn’t cost you anything but time.

Need someone to handle your blogging responsibilities? I can do that, too. Actually, I do it for quite a few folks, including all of Amplification, Inc.’s clients. Drop me a line to find out how I can beef up your online presence with useful and engaging web copy and blog entries.


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