This Bathtub’s Gotta Go

I moved into this house in 2008. The entire time, I’ve put up with a tub that can’t look clean no matter how much I scrubbed. No matter how much my wife scrubbed, either.

Then my mom told me to mix some vinegar with liquid dishwashing soap. So I told my wife. She mixed it up and scrubbed a bit more. That made it look a lot better. But not great.

Fast-forward a couple more years. It still looks mediocre. Not to mention the fact that when we moved in, the tile only went up three feet or so inside the shower. Because of this, we had to install some goofy-looking shower wall if we were going to let our kids take showers in there. Since we weren’t interested in having them take baths every time they needed to get clean, I put up the wall stuff.

Did it work? Yes. Did it look nice? Not even close.

So we decided enough was enough! We would do something in the bathroom.

Option 1: Get the tub painted and install more tile to finish the walls.

Option 2: Break out the tub and install a new one.

Option 3: Have a company like Bath Fitter do the job for us.

After much consideration, we came to these conclusions about our options.

Option 1: If we just wanted to get the house looking decent enough to move, this would be a good option. Since our research indicated that doing this doesn’t seem to hold up or much of a warranty, however, it didn’t interest us. Especially since we aren’t planning on ever moving again.

Option 2: Breaking out that tub is going to be incredibly messy. And I don’t really want a hollow tub put in its place. It would just feel cheap.

Option 3: Yes, please.

Once we determined we wanted a refitted tub, we started doing research on the different companies that offer this service. While I won’t say anything negative about any companies, if you’re considering this type of service, I recommend you look up all the brands and compare their Consumer Affairs reports with those of Bath Fitter.

So it was settled. Bath Fitter it is. So we called them (423-648-4580) and scheduled an appointment.

What happened next? Come back later to find out.


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