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Do Things You Don’t Like

I give blood. And I never like it. In fact, you could say I practically dread walking into my local Blood Assurance office. (Okay, dread may be too strong a word.) The last time I gave, I passed out immediately after. … Read more »


A Limerick This Day

Challenged a friend and fellow writer, J. Vaden Cavett, to a little poetry exercise and he accepted. He decided we should write limericks, and I said it ought to be about either death or regret. After a rather embarrassing start, … Read more »


Why I’m Scared to Write a Book

And what I’m doing about it. Until eleventh grade, I planned to be a math teacher. I enjoyed numbers and they treated me right. Then I was stuck in algebra 2 with a large group of my friends. The result … Read more »


Ask Me about My Tattoo Accident

Last night, I was at the Cleveland Bradley County Library for a school function. At some point, I had to run to my car to grab something I had forgotten. For much of my walk through the library, I was directly behind a guy with a tattoo on his neck. The tattoo was a single word: “Lisette.”

Obviously, this was someone he had great affection for. And by the time we reached the exit, I decided to find about her. Guess it was the writer in me.

“Lisette on your neck,” I said, as he kept walking. “Must be a special lady.”

He turned and looked at me with a smirk.

“Your wife, I guess? Or,” I ventured, “your daughter?”

“She’s gone now,” he answered, as we went our separate ways. Three steps later: “My ex-wife.”

Which brought me to think of a few things.

1. That was awkward.

2. That probably happens a lot.

3. Having a tattoo on the back of your neck is equivalent to a bumper sticker that reads, “Ask me about my grandchildren.”

4. Or in the words of Social Distortion, “He’s gonna get his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his neck / And he’ll hope he never never lives to regret…”


Bang Your Head

Sometimes, I feel like this.