Links to a few of the fine folks out there worth checking out.

Amplification, Inc.: Need help turning up the volume on your message? Amplify it with these guys. They’re professional, determined, and scream through a big bullhorn to make sure as many folks as possible hear your message and take it to heart. Local news that gives it as straightforward as possible—almost to a fault. When there are opinions, they’re labeled clearly, and they’re usually submitted by readers.

Lurlene McDaniel: A friend and fellow writer who is doing it right. With approximately 80 books under her belt, she has perfected the art of creating tear-jerking stories.

Shades of Grey Photography: Covering everything from maternity to infant to child to family to senior to engagement to wedding, they’ve got you covered. They’re also fun and easy to work with.

Skottie Young: An old friend who was always sitting around drawing. Now he does it for Marvel Comics.