The Remodel Continues!

Next up in our bathroom remodel was getting the walls fixed. That meant hiring someone to put up beadboard and to otherwise smooth out the walls. Yes, I’ve installed beadboard before, and no, it’s not very difficult to get on the walls. The hard part is doing it in a way that I can tolerate—doing it well enough that I don’t criticize it every time I look at it. So yeah, I hired someone.

The fella we hired did a mighty fine job. Got the pieces put in place with ease and gave it a nice finish with a chair rail at the top and corner pieces to prevent the corners anything from getting roughed up in the future.

And once that was done, it was time for what we’d been really waiting for: the tub and tub wall installation. After having the bathroom out of commission for a short while, we were thrilled to be at this step. Called up our Bath Fitter rep and they showed up quick as quick.

But it wasn’t just that they showed up quick. The process to install the new tub and wall liner was faster than a day at work. That’s right—the entire thing was done while I wasn’t even home. With a single day, the bathroom went from useless with good-looking walls and floors to one-hundred percent awesome.

The finish on that tub is just what we wanted—clean lines, great seals at the joints. Once installed, I decided it didn’t just give the bathroom the final touch. That Bath Fitter tub is the touch that makes the bathroom work.

What’s next? Enjoy using it and find out just how easy it is to clean. Keep your eyes peeled to see if this tub is as easy to keep sparkling white as they claim!


Bathroom Remodel Begins

Once we decided on using Bath Fitter, it was time to get started on the project.

First things first. Because we wanted to also get rid of the 1960s tile (or at least my wife did), I started beating it up, trying my best to get it out of there quickly and with as little mess as possible. After an hour and a half, I’d barely gotten anywhere with the project. So I called a kid from church who specializes in tearing stuff up. After throwing a few dollars his way, the tile was no longer on the wall, which meant I was left with a clean surface to (re)start our bathroom.


I then called Bath Fitter and met with a representative, who told me it would be best to let them put up new drywall in the bath area. So…while I put sheetrock up around the non-bath area (if you’re adding sheetrock in your bathroom, be sure to use the green stuff, as it’s water resistant), I didn’t have to touch anything in the tub.

Also in the meeting, we picked the finish, color, and design that we wanted on the walls surrounding our new tub. Because this is our kids’ bathroom, we let them help pick what they liked…though my wife did want to make sure she liked it also. Since there will never be any grout to clean, it was pretty easy to please her. And since they all come with a lifetime warranty, it pleased me as well.

Our representative told us we could have Bath Fitter install our new tub and walls before or after we finished other remodeling parts. Instead of getting it all dirtied up by other workers, we decided to do the other stuff first and leave the new tub for last.

Excited about our new tub that would be installed as soon as we were ready, we contacted a tile guy who tossed a new floor down. He did an expert job that would go beautifully with the new tub. Once the floors were laid, we were really starting to get excited about the bathroom.

But we had a little more work to do before bringing in the bathtub that would make this bathroom feel clean and fresh for years to come.

Keep an eye out for the next installment to find out the next step in our remodel. In the meantime, if you’re curious about having Bath Fitter changing the looks of your bathroom, call them at (423) 648-4580 to schedule an appointment. According to our representative, they actually do more tub-to-shower conversions than anything, so if you’d like your bathtub turned into a shower-only area, they can make it happen in no time.


This Bathtub’s Gotta Go

I moved into this house in 2008. The entire time, I’ve put up with a tub that can’t look clean no matter how much I scrubbed. No matter how much my wife scrubbed, either.

Then my mom told me to mix some vinegar with liquid dishwashing soap. So I told my wife. She mixed it up and scrubbed a bit more. That made it look a lot better. But not great.

Fast-forward a couple more years. It still looks mediocre. Not to mention the fact that when we moved in, the tile only went up three feet or so inside the shower. Because of this, we had to install some goofy-looking shower wall if we were going to let our kids take showers in there. Since we weren’t interested in having them take baths every time they needed to get clean, I put up the wall stuff.

Did it work? Yes. Did it look nice? Not even close.

So we decided enough was enough! We would do something in the bathroom.

Option 1: Get the tub painted and install more tile to finish the walls.

Option 2: Break out the tub and install a new one.

Option 3: Have a company like Bath Fitter do the job for us.

After much consideration, we came to these conclusions about our options.

Option 1: If we just wanted to get the house looking decent enough to move, this would be a good option. Since our research indicated that doing this doesn’t seem to hold up or much of a warranty, however, it didn’t interest us. Especially since we aren’t planning on ever moving again.

Option 2: Breaking out that tub is going to be incredibly messy. And I don’t really want a hollow tub put in its place. It would just feel cheap.

Option 3: Yes, please.

Once we determined we wanted a refitted tub, we started doing research on the different companies that offer this service. While I won’t say anything negative about any companies, if you’re considering this type of service, I recommend you look up all the brands and compare their Consumer Affairs reports with those of Bath Fitter.

So it was settled. Bath Fitter it is. So we called them (423-648-4580) and scheduled an appointment.

What happened next? Come back later to find out.


Yes, I Do Resumes

If you’re looking for a local fella to help you craft a resume, I can help. Based out of Cleveland, Tennessee (about 30 miles from Chattanooga), I treat you like you want to be treated and give your resume the attention it deserves.

So when you’ve got your eyes set on a job and need to put your best foot forward, drop me a line and I’ll knock out a resume that looks as good as that outfit you picked for your interview.

Email me at daniel [at] danielkbrantley [dot] com or call (423) 380-9144 to get your next resume in process.


Finding A Book Editor Who Suits You

You’ve spent weeks, months, or even years finishing your book. You’re brimming with excitement and want to release it into the world, but you know it’s lacking something. That something is the touch of a professional editor.

Unfortunately, it is no easy task finding an editor for your book when you’re an indie writer who doesn’t have the connections of the big publishing house. The task is especially difficult when you realize that every editor brings something different to the table. How do you find one that meets your needs?

1. Shop Around. Going with the first person you stumble upon may seem like a good idea at the time, but you would do well to keep looking. Being able to compare a few editors will help you pick the perfect one for your project.

2. Know What You Want. It’s nearly impossible to pick the perfect editor if you don’t know what you want from an editor. Are you wanting someone who can find plot holes, help develop characters, make sure your spelling and grammar are spot on, or all of the above? Certain editors specialize in one of more of these, so ask whether your book editor can perform the duties you want.

3. Have Money. No, a professional editor doesn’t have to cost more than your monthly mortgage. But they don’t work for free. If you’re not willing to invest your money into your book, you aren’t looking for an editor. You’re looking for a friend to give your book a read and give suggestions. And that’s fine. Just know that your friend may not give your book what it needs to really be polished and ready for the general public.

Think this little fella in Cleveland, Tennessee may be just the editor you seek to put the final touches on your book? Drop me a line!