Have Your Cake…

…And Ship It, Too!

Ever wished for a memorable gift that wouldn’t wind up on top of a shelf, taking up extra space and collecting dust? If only such a gift existed. But it does! And it tastes a whole lot better than your grandmother’s fruitcake. What is it? A custom ice cream cake from Ecakes.

While owner Nicole Dwyer admits there are plenty of businesses that ship ice cream cakes, these companies “don’t offer any level of personalization. Ecakes, on the other hand,” Dwyer explains, “is completely personalized. You name it, we make it!”

Where It Starts

Based in Miami, Florida, Ecakes is a small business with a big reputation. Using only the best ingredients, each and every ice cream cake is made to order. Not only is the flavor dictated by the customer, but the design of the cake is as well. Have someone who is into sports? Ecakes will place a picture-perfect logo on the cake. Want to commemorate your son or daughter’s graduation? A picture of your graduate can be turned into an edible photo that is applied to the cake.

No matter the size or quality of the original photo, Ecakes will make sure it looks fantastic on a cake. Once in place, the cake is carefully packaged with dry ice and sent to your home, office, or wherever you want it to go!

Where It Goes

When Rob from Hollywood, California, was looking for a unique gift for his loved ones living in Florida, he found Ecakes online. He called, was impressed with Dwyer’s professionalism and knowledge, and took her recommendations to make a one-of-a-kind cake that featured a gorgeous picture of orchids. The end result?

“My family loved the cake,” Rob says. “I never tell my family when a cake or other gift is on the way, so it’s always a wonderful surprise for them.” Rob was so impressed with Ecakes that he called them up later for another cake, and he plans to do it again.

How It Works

Simple as the process is for Rob and other customers, Dwyer and her team put in a lot of work to ensure every cake is perfect. As one more way to ensure quality, Dwyer oversees every special-order cake to make sure it’s just right.

“If it were for my family, I’d want it to be perfect,” Dwyer says. “My customers trust me, and that comes from the level of service I provide. That’s why my customers are loyal to me—because I’m loyal to them!”

Want some help making your next gift unforgettably delicious? Visitwww.ecakes.net or contact them directly via email at ecakes@bellsouth.net. Find Ecakes on Facebook by clicking here and click here to follow along on Twitter.

Published at Club Cabeza.