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Based in the small city of Cleveland, Tennessee (just up the road from Chattanooga, Tennessee), I’ve worked with people from all walks of life. From top-level executives to recent college graduates, everyone wants the same thing from their resume.

They want it to help them get a foot in the door so they can land their next job, fast.

When handled by a professional resume writer, that’s what a resume does.

It doesn’t lie or give false promises. It isn’t a work of fiction. It doesn’t have fancy scripts or distracting elements. It doesn’t force an employer to read between the lines.

At its core, a quality resume is clear and concise. It gives a picture of you, and it presents your skills and background in a way that makes you the obvious choice for an employer.

The purpose of a good resume is to help you get a foot in the door. Because once you get to the interview, you’ll nail it. Right?

When a hiring manager sees your resume for the first time, you don’t want your resume draft to get ignored or tossed in the trash. You want it placed on the top of the stack. And soon after, you want to get called in for an interview.

A good resume makes this possible.

Is Your Resume Clear or Confusing?

So pull out your current resume and look at it. Is it good? Is it clear and concise? Or is it confusing and overhyped, in need of some professional resume help?

If yours isn’t opening doors to help meet your career goals and you need a clear, concise resume that will do just that, I can help.

Whether you need one built from scratch or want your current work history polished and updated, I can be your resume writer who takes care of that for you, in three days or less.

What do you need inside your resume?

In a word, honesty.

In a few more words, proper keyword inclusion (keywords are those words or phrases that show a potential employer that you know what you’re doing) and proof that you’re after professional growth and can stick with a job for a long period of time. Oh, and you should also show that you care enough for a professional-looking resume. That’s why seeking a professional writer who offers resume writing service is beneficial.

Contact me or order yours now!

Once you place your resume service order, you’ll be given a small questionnaire to help me provide personalized service as I build your resume in a timely fashion. And by timely, I mean within the next three business days.

What about the Cover Letter?

This is a tricky question, because things have changed with cover letters. There was a time when every professional resume was accompanied by a cover letter. But those days are largely over.

Now that most resumes are submitted online, recruiters are drowning in candidates. Dealing with cover letters only makes the process take longer, so many companies don’t request or even permit cover letters.

However, some still request cover letters. For these, you want to be very specific, and you likely can’t use the same cover letter for any two companies. Why? Because you want your cover letter tailored to answer the specific questions raised in the specific job posting to which you’re applying. Otherwise, you’ll look out of touch.

Get Paid for Resume Referrals

In case you haven’t heard, you can make money off this deal before you land your next job. Once I’ve completed your resume to your satisfaction, tell your family and friends about my services. Every time you refer someone to me, I send you 10 percent of whatever service they order from me.

How much can you make on this? The sky (and your list of family and friends) is the limit.

So if you’re looking for a professional resume service, the hunt is over. With positive reviews from former clients (some who have used my services multiple times), you can rest assured you’ll wind up with a quality resume, whether you need your existing resume dusted off or a new one written from scratch.

Prefer to go with one of the available free resume writing options? You can do it! Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other programs all offer resume templates that put the entire process in your hands. There are even online resume builders that make you the executive writer! With an average cost of $0.00, the price is right!

But if the thought of using proper resume format and finding the right words makes you a bit timid, or if you fear you can’t create a high-quality, amazing resume, the price of free may be too high. Contact me today, and I’ll work to give you a Grade-A resume that will move you toward the employment boost you seek!