You’ve hunted for the perfect job for weeks, months, or even years. Now, it’s finally come your way. But don’t sign on the dotted line just yet. Because before you take a job offer, here are five things to keep in mind.

Image of hands shaking to illustrate someone taking a job offer.

Make Sure Your Job Offer Offers the Right Pay

Good companies give raises. Some of them even given bonuses. But raises and bonuses are not guaranteed.

What’s that mean for you?

Don’t accept a job that pays less than what you deserve. If you’re not comfortable with the starting pay, either negotiate your pay or move on. Don’t take a job hoping you’ll get a raise.

No matter what raises or perks are promised, don’t take a job based on them. Otherwise, you may find yourself frustrated. Get frustrated, and you’ll wind up back on the job market.

Get Future Raises in Writing

Okay, I just said raises aren’t guaranteed. So why get them in writing?

Because it gives you some leverage. Sure, your new employer can go against what they promise in writing, but it isn’t easy. They’ll look bad. And good employers care about their image.

When communicating with your potential future employer, ask about future raises in an email. Or have guaranteed raises written into your employment contract.

Consider Flexibility

The world is changing. So is your work. As a result, you have more flexibility than ever.

If you work in a brain-centric field, you may have the option to work from home. Remote working is now possible with all kinds of careers. Even if you have to go to the office on occasion, you may be able to negotiate your way into working at home part of the time.

Where you work isn’t the only aspect of work that’s flexible. When you work is as well. If you do your best work in the morning, find a job that lets you work then. Prefer the night hours? Ask to be able to put your time in then. Better yet, find a job that understands the most important thing is that you do your job, regardless of how quickly you do it.

Before you can get the best job offers, you’ve got to get a foot in the door. Check out my resume writing services for help doing just that.