Initial Edits

You have a great story to tell. I’ll make sure nothing gets in the way.

With Initial Edits, I perform in-depth editing of the first 1,000 words of your manuscript. All changes are marked for you to see. Additionally, I give you a list of trouble issues specific to your writing.

When I’m done, you’ll see how great your book can be, and you’ll be equipped to edit your book to be its best. 


“I came to Daniel with a middle-grade fantasy manuscript that was . . . 170,000 words and challenged him to cut it in half. I thought it couldn't be done without drastically reworking the plot. But he rose to the challenge, cut 90,000 words, and distilled my story to its essence. No plot overhaul was required. I now have a polished manuscript of a palatable length. Daniel is a brilliant editor who will ensure that your work is at its absolute best. I'll trust him with all future projects.”

Anne Marshall Reiffsteck