Book Editing

Whether you’ve written a heartwarming memoir, singsongy children’s book, or the next great American novel, you need a book editor to ensure your book is in top shape.

Why? Because self-published books can’t afford to look self-published. They have to be as grammatically correct as books published by the big five publishers. And if you think you can submit an unedited manuscript to a major publisher and land a deal, think again.

Thankfully, there are quality editors out there if you know where to look. And since you’re here, I’d be crazy if I didn’t put my name in the hat as one of them.

Based in Cleveland, TN, I’ve edited books for professors and pastors, first-time authors and career writers. I’ve edited devotionals, history, picture books, modern fiction, chapter books, and more. And I’ve treated every book like my own.

To make sure every book gets the attention it deserves, I never take on more than three clients at a time.

Also, I only edit books that interest me. If I’m not excited about a book, it’s harder to focus. Less focus means a lower quality of editing, and no one benefits then.

Wondering what to look for in your book editor? Check out this blog post that explains the difference between different types of editors and what editing services I provide.

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