Man holds very small book to show that a shorter book is a better book. This requires a professional book editor, such as Cleveland, Tennessee's Daniel K. Brantley.

Many writers think a bigger book makes a bigger splash. However, you’re not like many writers. You know that a shorter book is a better book.

Not convinced just yet? Maybe this will help.

Why Shorter Is Better

A century ago, readers had a longer attention span. They had few things vying for their attention. That’s changed.

Today, readers have shorter attention spans than ever. Their mental power gets pulled a million directions. If you want to keep their attention, you can’t drone on and on. You have to keep things as short as possible.

While you may want to write a 200,000-word novel, don’t. You’ll only exhaust your audience. Do them a favor by writing a shorter book. When you do, you’ll do your wallet a favor also.

Shorter is better, and readers want better. So, keep your story concise, and you’ll have happy readers and sell more books.

Short Is Vital for Your First Book

Sometimes, a longer book is necessary. It’s what readers expect, and they don’t mind spending extra time in your created world. That said, unless you’re a celebrity, your first book needs to be short.


Readers don’t trust you yet. A shorter book introduces you and your writing to readers. It gives them confidence that you know what you’re doing. Once they trust you, readers are willing to spend more time in your books.

Hook them in with your great writing, and you can write a longer book.

How to Make Your Long Book Short

Have you written an extra-long book and don’t know how to trim it down? You need a skilled book editor on your team. Based in Cleveland, Tennessee, I’ve edited fiction and nonfiction, poetry and children’s books. Now, I offer my years of experience and expertise to you. To get started on the road to a better, shorter book, check out my book editing services or contact me with any questions. Happy writing!