You’ve got strong writing skills, but your manuscript still reads like a rough draft. You know professional editors can bring your book to life, but you don’t live in New York City, land of Simon & Schuster and other giants of the publishing industry. So, you hop on Google and search “book editors near me.” Since you landed on this page, you just found a professional book editor who lives in your neck of the woods.

Who Am I?

I’m Daniel K. Brantley, and I’ve been helping writers sound better since 2002. Now, I offer my services to you.

Whether you want me to edit your entire manuscript or just part of it (Initial Edits), I’m here to provide professional book editing services. And yes, I’m near you.

Granted, I live in Cleveland, Tennessee (just down the road from Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga). But when you look for “book editors near me,” I fit the bill—even if you live in Georgia, Alabama, Alaska, Montana, or beyond. That’s the power of the internet.

What Type of Books I Edit

Over the years, I’ve provided editorial services for a wide range of authors. Book genres I’ve worked in include:

  • Fiction manuscripts 
  • Middle grade fiction manuscripts
  • Nonfiction manuscripts (memoir editing, biography editing, autobiography editing, business book editing, etc.)
  • Picture book manuscripts
  • Poetry collections

Your Ideal Book Editor

There are lots of freelance book editors out there. Finding the right one ensures you wind up with a polished manuscript that’s ready for agents and publishing houses to review. 

As an experienced book editor with strong communication skills, I provide critical feedback that helps tighten your prose and close any major plot holes. I also look for minor errors that reduce the risk of negative reviews from literary agents and other readers. 

Depending on your needs, I offer the following services:

  • Developmental editing to make sure every area of your story shines, including plot structure, character development, and more
  • Manuscript critiques that give overarching insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, including flaws in your narrative voice and ways to improve your writing style
  • Professional editing that includes correcting spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, awkward sentences, grammar issues, and other issues common in writing
  • Sentence-level editing to look out for run-on sentences, improve sentence variety, and more

The Book Editor Near You Who Gives a Risk-Free Trial Edit

Nervous to hand the revision process to a book editor you’ve never met? I don’t blame you. It doesn’t matter how much experience editing books or proven success an editor has. What matters is that you find a book expert who makes your story all it can be. 

The best way to know whether I’m the right editor for you is to get a free sample. Fortunately, I don’t start the full editing process or take money from authors without giving a sample. Before we work together, I look over a short sample of your manuscript and edit it so you can what professional edits can do for your manuscript.

Like what you see? Then we begin the collaborative process of editing your book.

Interested in seeing what your book can become? Contact me to start the conversation.