Group of people sit around a desk with computers, showing how often you should write new blog posts.

If you’re a business owner, you know the power of blogging. Write the right content on your blog, and you can drive traffic to your site at no cost. Get enough folks looking at your blog, and you can drive more dollars to your bank account. But the question still remains: How often should you write new blog posts?

When to Write New Blog Posts: Traditional Advice

When the internet first became a way to drive customers to your business, more was better. It didn’t matter how good the content was. You just needed to pump it out. Savvy marketers realized if they crammed a certain word on a page over and over, Google would pay attention. Their site would get pushed to the top. So they decided to write new blog posts every day. Some would even write multiple blog posts daily.

That didn’t last too long though. When the dust cleared from that mess, the standard advice became consistency. Marketers said you don’t need to pump out content every day. You just needed to do it with some regularity.

If you’re really ambitious, they said, create an article a week. Just want to keep Google paying attention to your site? One a month is sufficient.

Today, that same advice remains. If you want to get traction at your site, blog regularly. But there’s something more important than frequency.

Write New Blog Posts That Matter

What’s more important than frequency? Quality.

Google wants to be the search engine of choice. Which means they want to help people find the information they’re looking for. To do that, Google now cares more about search intent than content.

In other words, you shouldn’t just write blogs to write blogs. You need to create content that answer questions people are searching answers to find.

If you want your website to show up early in search results, don’t write new blog posts that are full of worthless content. Make it full of useful content.

That may mean rewriting some old blogs. Or it may mean writing shorter blogs that get to the point faster. Whatever it takes, do it. Your website and your business will thank you.

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