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A good resume does more than make you look good. It helps you land interviews, so you can really show what you’ve got. Sometimes you access resume services that are so good, you tell everyone you know.

That often happens with my clients. I write what they need, they land interviews and ultimately jobs, and then they tell their friends. This leads to more great people having interview opportunities and landing more jobs.

One of these referrals is particularly exciting, as it involved a father and son. (And everyone loves a good father-son tale, right?)Resume services in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The father came to me first. A businessman with decades of experience in service management, he was looking for a change. We freshened up his resume, targeted it at a specific company, and he did the rest.
Apparently all went well, because nearly two years later, he came back for another. This time, however, it wasn’t for him. It was for his son, who was studying aerospace engineering at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Second Generation Resumes

Unlike the father, the son wasn’t looking for a full-time job. He was shooting for an aerospace engineering internship that would help propel him into a successful career post-graduation.

Because he was still in college, we modified his resume and emphasized his relevant coursework, while also listing his employment history.

The goal of the son’s resume was to show that while young and inexperienced, he was the perfect candidate to intern with NASA. So I learned about his background, coursework, and employment and framed the resume in a way that helped NASA see that he was prepared for whatever challenges he would face with them.

It was an awesome experience working for this father-son duo, and I hope to one day create a resume for another generation in that family.

I’m humbled every time someone trusts me with their resume. To realize I may have helped send someone to another planet?¬†

Out of this world.

Earth-Based Resume Services

If you’re ready to get started on a career-building resume, contact me or order your resume today!